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Why go to a spa when Xclusive Massage can serve you right where you are! We are the No.1 mobile massage team in Singapore, visiting your Private Condo.

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Whether you are staying at a hotel or have your own home here, our spa experts will bring the required essentials and provide you an amazing massage service.

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We have professional therapists who will always deliver the ideal massage treatments, which makes Xclusive Massage one of the top mobile massage services in Singapore.

About Us

Our Amazing Mobile Massage Treatments


We offer the best mobile massage services, since we have professional therapists that deliver an award winning service. Whether you are staying in a hotel suite or in your home, our expert professionals will bring the spa with them and make sure you get the best treatment in the most comfortable setting.


An amazing offer with our mobile massage service is that we offer massages, even late at night. The benefit of receiving a late night massage at your place of stay will relax your body and prepare you for the tough day ahead. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week and can service any place within one hour of Singapore.


Xclusive Massage ensures that we provides you comfort and relaxation in a familiar environment. Our massage therapists make sure that you get a five-star service and bring the required spa items with them. Our therapists can truly make do with the space they have and deliver amazing massages without ever needing a spa table or any fixed facility that you may not have in your home or a hotel room.


So why wait? Contact us now and book the right massage to enjoy the ultimate in relaxation!



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Why Xclusive Massage?

Open 24 Hours Daily

Available everyday round the clock 24/7.

Immediately Available

Our therapist can be with you within an hour and services are available island wide.

Well trained and Professional Team

Only highly qualified therapists trained in different styles of massages are sent for each session.

Singapore No.1 Outcall Massage Company

A complete mobile massage service by leading outcall massage company in Singapore.

Transparent Pricing Policy

We adopt an open and transparent pricing policy. Our prices listed are completely with transportation charges.

Private and Discretion

100% discretion and privacy for our clients. Nothing is more private than having your massage in your own home or hotel room.

Treatments We Provide

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is also termed as the Classic massage and it is perfect for the first-time client. If you are interested in enjoying therapeutic benefits, then Swedish massage is the ideal choice for a start. It soothes your muscles, improves circulation, which results in relaxation.


Swedish massage also involves the use of deep pressure, which is based on the individual needs of the clients. It uses various massage techniques, such as tapping, kneading and stroking the important points on the body.


Benefits of Swedish Massage

  • Oxygen flow in the blood is increased resulting in improved circulation
  • It stimulates the nervous system
  • It flushes out toxins from the muscles to reduce strain
  • It allows tendons and ligaments to remain supple
  • Endorphins are released, which act as natural painkillers
  • Tension, pain and muscle spasms are all reduced


60mins – S$150


90mins – S$200





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Deep Tissue Massage

This excellent massage is based on using friction to provide therapeutic benefits to your muscles and connective tissues. It uses deep pressure and slow movement to focus on the areas under tension. The therapist uses hands, elbows and fingers to provide relaxation, and break up the knots (tension) that have developed in the muscles. This provides freedom to the muscles, as they are stretched and separated from one another to offer better blood circulation.


For some, this is a painful massage, but it is guaranteed to offer you healing afterwards.


A Deep Tissue massage is great for individuals who have sore muscles and joints, such as a stiff neck, tight back and sore shoulders. You can improve any tense area of your body. Not only does Deep Tissue massage alleviate pain, it also releases the toxins present in your muscles that loosen the tissues and improve blood circulation.


The ideal way to revitalise your mind and body!


60mins – S$150


90mins – S$200





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Aromatherapy uses essential oils that can help clear your mind and reduce stress through the soothing of your emotions. These aromatic oils have specific characteristics, and an aromatherapy professional will create a special combination for your special needs. The aromas provide comfort in two ways.


First, the essential oils are absorbed through the skin and produce the stimulation of a higher psychological condition. Second, the inhaled aroma affects brain receptions, especially ones that control memory and emotional responses.


Benefits of Aromatherapy

  • Receive the benefits of Ancient Indian, Far Eastern and Egyptian Cultures
  • Rejuvenation and Cure through Essential Oils
  • Significant reduction in psychological tension and stress
  • Ideal for use with other methods, such as Deep Tissue Massage


The ideal way to revitalise your mind and body!   


60mins – S$150


90mins – S$200





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Thai Massage

The amazing massage originated in Thailand and does not employ any oil, unlike typical massages. The Thai Yoga Massage uses deep tissue treatment and stretching important muscles to make the body and the mind feel better.


The fundamental objective of receiving a Thai Massage is to relax your mind and body, through the therapy. The Thai Yoga Massage uses the channelling of pressure points and important Yoga techniques to relieve the recipient of pain, stress and tension.


Thai massages are delivered in two distinct parts. The first part is delivered through Yoga techniques, while the second part consists of stimulating pressure points of the body. Yoga techniques include different practices that stretch the body and ensure that its flexibility significantly improves.  This part also includes exhaling the air out through stretches, which alleviates pain and relieves body stress.


During this treatment, different body parts, such as knuckles, fingers, hands, toes, legs and ears of the recipient may be significantly stretched. Your therapist may gently walk on your back as well, but always in a controlled manner.


The stimulation of pressure points relieves body pain through specific control of body receptors. The major Sen lines are influences, which in turn relieves stress and improves the bodily functions of the recipient.


60mins – S$150


90mins – S$200





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Four Hands Massage

Xclusive Massage offers its signature Four Hands Massage deliver by two top therapists simultaneously. You can choose a couple of trained therapists from Xclusive Massage and then get amazed by the synchronised harmony created by them. They will create an ultimate experience that will deliver deep relaxation, rebalance your body and release the psychological tension.


Remember, you receive twice the healing benefits with this massage, since two pairs of hands work on your body. Most clients enjoy 4-Hands Massage since it relaxes them; they greatly enjoy the pampering that they get from the hands of two amazing therapists.


Four Hands Massage is great for healing your body. It improves circulation and blood flow throughout your body to produce therapeutic benefits.


We offer you three options of receiving a relaxing, medium pressure, and strong pressure 4-Hands Massage.


Now, book the amazing 4-Hands Massage for a special occasion. Our couple will ensure that it is memorable!


60mins – S$300


90mins – S$400




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Meet Our Mobile Expert Massage Team


If you are looking to receive the best luxury mobile massage in Singapore, then Xclusive Massage is certainly the best choice that you can make. Our team of professional therapists is always ready to get to your location and deliver an amazing massage that will freshen you up. We take care of your health and ensure that our mobile treatments are suitable for your needs.


Our therapists in Singapore are ready to take care of you in your own room. We only hire the top professionals in Singapore, which ensures that we deliver an experience that you cannot find in this city. If you book our services, we guarantee that you get the best mobile spa experience, as we treat you to a luxurious service.


Xclusive Massage is a professional service provider which always aims to create long-term relationships. We follow a model of ethics and always believe in remaining loyal to the customers. Our therapists make sure that they provide a secure service and create a personal bond with you that is based on mutual trust.


Our team also provides you with a memorable experience. You may be unsure of a mobile spa, but we deliver a personalised experience, which is tailored to your exact needs. The comfort of receiving a massage treatment in your own home or your hotel room allows you to enjoy the experience and relax in an ideal manner.


Are you looking for a comfortable spa service? Then allow Xclusive Massage to provide the best experience of your life.


Contact us now and book an amazing massage service at your home or hotel room!


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Xclusive Mobile Massage treatments are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.


Simply by calling us at +65-9039-0631 to make a reservation or submit your booking online.


For immediate booking, please kindly call us to arrange an appointment. If slots are available, we can send you a therapist within an hour.




  1. Outcalls only. We deliver our massage treatments direct to your door step. (Hotel, Condo & Private Apartment)
  2. We accept Singapore dollars and all other foreign currencies.
  3. Should there be any change or cancellations of appointment time, please call us at least 1 hour in prior to your booking time to avoid any cancellation fees. Otherwise cancellation fee should be S$50.
  4. We do not provide photo of our therapist due to privacy reason. Should you request for a specific therapist, we will make every effort to accommodate your preference.
  5. Xclusive Massage is a professional massage agency and we do not provide other services. All our therapist are professionally trained.

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