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We at Xclusive Massage provide highly effective erotic body massages that will relax your mind, body, and soul. We are listed amongst the best Asian Massage Parlour in Melbourne. Our proven track record is a testimony that assures the clients to experience the ultimate pleasures of erotic massages, sensual massages, and tantric massages at affordable prices. If you are searching for an authentic Asian Massage parlour in Melbourne, you need to rush to us and get the best erotic massages at our parlour.

We are just one call away from serving you. Our gorgeous masseuses and therapists are available round the clock to serve the clients for the types of messages they want in Melbourne. Wherever you are in both cities, we can provide the best therapists and beautiful masseuses to serve in your hotel room or at a private place as per need. We provide the best erotic massage in Melbourne City, as we can send the best goddesses for client service from our Asian Massage parlour in Melbourne.


Asian Massage Parlour Melbourne

If you are searching for the finest Asian Massage Parlour in Melbourne, look no further and reach out to us now! You can call us and book your body massage type and get instant service from us. Be ready to experience the sensual pleasure and pinnacle of sensuality through our effective erotic massage services that are unmatched anywhere in Melbourne.

You can take immense pleasure from erotic massage in Melbourne from our trained therapists. They have expertise in providing casual to sensual level body massages as per the client’s requirement. You can rejuvenate your body and soul by taking the pleasures of our sensual and erotic massages that will be done by trained masseuses in the industry.

Over the years, we have been serving the best erotic massages in Melbourne, Victoria. Our tale of satisfied customers has given us good remarks about our sensual or erotic massage services that are the exception to find elsewhere across the city. We claim to give pleasurable and exciting sessions of erotic massages from head to toe from our trained therapists and beautiful goddesses. They will heal all your mental stress and anxiety and give you real fun with full erotic massages in your style. Our goddesses will entertain the client the way he likes and will massage every body part by rubbing it with her body. Hence, it will boost the sensation of eroticism in your nerves and let you enjoy the moment within the arms of a beautiful lady.

Our trained therapists use essential oils and erotic techniques to heal clients and massage throughout the body to absorb the pain in muscles. It will give good results in regulating blood circulation in nerves and excite the eroticism in one’s body. You will feel the improvement in your manhood through the erotic massages done by our therapists. So, do not be late to book an erotic massage in Melbourne and arrange a meeting with our trained masseuses to heal you.

We are flexible to serve erotic massage in your hotel room or private residency in Melbourne. Our masseuses and therapists will be there soon once you confirm the order online. We send the gorgeous masseuses for erotic massage whom you choose from our masseuses’ gallery.

Erotic Massage Parlour Melbourne

Your search for the best Asian erotic massage parlour in Melbourne will end at Xclusive Massage. You will experience the intensity of sensuality and eroticism with our best erotic massage service in Melbourne. We are a one-stop place to get the pleasures of sensual massages and erotic massages that will leave you stress-free and enjoy every bit in the company of our ladies. You will have immense fun and the highest level of sensuality when our beautiful goddesses give you an erotic massage. They are trained enough to heal the clients and remove their stress or open mental locks to feel good.

We guarantee you to enjoy the best erotic massage in Melbourne at an affordable price. You do not need to look elsewhere, just reach us and enjoy the best time of life with our beautiful ladies and take the pleasures of sensual or erotic massages done by them. We assure you that give good high-class massage services full of eroticism in your style. So do not resist yourself and feel shy to get the pleasures of erotic massages that will be breathtaking.

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Why Choose Xclusive Massage?

  • Skilled Practitioners: Our therapists undergo meticulous selection, chosen not only for their training but also for their fervour.
  • Xclusive Experience: We provide more than massages; we offer an encounter. Every aspect, from our ambience to our thoughtfully selected music, is crafted to carry you to a place of tranquillity.
  • Customer First: We’re attentive listeners and agile responders. Your ease is our paramount concern.
  • Holistic Approach: It’s not solely about physical relief. Our aim is to mend the mind, body, and soul.

Our Services

We at Xclusive Massage Parlour do provide an assortment of sensual and erotic massages in Melbourne. We take pride in providing pleasurable erotic massages which will relax one’s tired nerves and improve the blood flow. Also, our erotic massages are effective to heal your anxiety, stress, and muscle pains when massage will be done using essential oils by our trained masseuses and therapists. They are experienced enough to give the best treatment to the client and rejuvenate him through effective erotic and sensual massages they like most.

If you want to experience the pinnacle of eroticism, do approach us and take the best erotic massages by our trained therapists and beautiful ladies. You will get huge fun and seductive pleasure when they will massage your body with both hands. So, do not waste the time and get the best erotic massage in Melbourne at our one-stop massage parlour.

Navigating a massage parlour for an erotic massage in Melbourne, especially if it’s your first time or after past uncertain experiences, might come with a sprinkle of nervousness and a hint of apprehension. Let’s openly address the concerns you may have:

    1. Respecting Your Privacy: Your confidential retreat to Xclusive Massage remains just that – confidential. Our dedication to safeguarding your privacy ensures that details of your session, conversations, and even your booking particulars are held in the strictest trust.
  1. Unwavering Professionalism: Each of our masseurs and masseuses carries more than a mere certificate – they uphold professional ethics. They’re not only trained in the art of massage but also in understanding boundaries and fostering genuine connections.
  1. Priority on Safety: “Safety First” isn’t just a motto. Beyond our impeccably clean setting and sanitized equipment, our team undergoes regular health assessments and continuous safety training.
    4. Tailored Experiences: Worried about specific needs, allergies, or preferences? Just inform us. We’re adaptable and can tailor our techniques and products to ensure your comfort.
    5. Authentic Practitioners: We’re aware of the concerns surrounding authenticity in this industry. At Xclusive, each therapist is verified, screened, and carries a sincere devotion to holistic well-being.

Affordable Pricing – Serenity Shouldn’t Strain Your Wallet

Transparency is key when it comes to our pricing. Here’s a glimpse of our rates for outcall massage in Melbourne:


Tantric Massage

We provide top-less erotic tantric massage in Melbourne that will be full of sensuality and effective to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. We provide quality tantric massage services with help of our trained therapists and masseuses. They specialize in tantric massages that will be done using herbal oils which are useful for relaxing human muscles and releasing them from pain. Also, this erotic tantric massage therapy is effective to heal one’s body pains and improving the manhood of men.  Read More

30mins – AUD 145

45mins – AUD 175

60mins – AUD 200


Sensual Massage

You will experience the highest level of pleasure and sensuality with our best sensual massages in Melbourne. Our beautiful masseuses will boost the sensation in nerves with effective sensual massages that will be full of eroticism. You will feel like heaven when our beautiful goddesses will massage your private part and give a top-less massage with full sensuality. It will also remove your will stress and heal body pains when getting sensual massages through our trained therapists.  Read More

30mins – AUD 145

45mins – AUD 175

60mins – AUD 200


Naturist Massage

Our nude massage service is entertaining for both masseuses and recipients. Both will enjoy it naked and satisfy their cravings for each other. It will break all barriers between you and the beautiful girl and allows you to enjoy the passion of love and tranquillity. This nude massage is based upon principles of tantric massage that are effective to heal body pains, and stress, and relaxing the mind. Also, it boosts the energy and provides the ultimate pleasures of physical touch to the receiver. Read More

30mins – AUD 170

45mins – AUD 200

60mins – AUD 230

Body Slide Massage

Body Slide Massage

Experience the touch of the body of a beautiful lady over you through our best body slide massage service. Our beautiful masseuses will side her body on your body to provide a B2B massage. This body sliding massage will boost sensation and energy, and ignite the sensuality in your body. We provide the best body slide massage in Melbourne at private residences as well as the hotel room of the client. If you want to get recharged and improve your manhood, you should take a body slide massage at our parlour. So book for it now! Read More

30mins – AUD 170

45mins – AUD 200

60mins – AUD 230

Lingam Massage

Lingam Massage

Boost your sexual energy and refresh your mind through our best Lingam massage done by beautiful masseuses. Our therapists will give you a lingam massage that will be full of sensuality and enhances eroticism. It will revitalize your mind and soul when our masseuses will massage your body naked. This massage session will be full of sensuality that will satisfy your sexual craving. We provide lingam massage in Melbourne at your hotel or private residency as per need.  Read More

30mins – AUD 145

45mins – AUD 175

60mins – AUD 200


Prostate Massage

We provide the best prostate massage service in Melbourne. Our trained therapists will do a quality prostate massage that you have ever experienced anywhere. This prostate massage is based upon tantric techniques that will re-energize your body as well as ignite the sensuality. Read More

30mins – AUD 145

45mins – AUD 175

60mins – AUD 200

Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage

We are reckoned for providing the best Nuru massage service in Melbourne. This massage therapy will boost energy and relax your tired muscles and nerves too. This massage is based upon tantric techniques that will focus to heal your body pains and keeping your mind stress free. Our masseuses use essential oils for a Nuru massage to stimulate and energize tired nerves or muscles. This message will also boost eroticism and give ultimate pleasures of sensuality. Read More

30mins – AUD 180

45mins – AUD 240

60mins – AUD 300

Four Hands Massage

Four Hands Massage

We are a one-stop place to get the pleasures of four-hand massage in Melbourne. As the name suggests, this sort of massage will be done by two therapists. They use both hands to massage the whole body using good oil. It will stimulate your tired muscles and energize them. Using four hands, ladies will do full body massage to relax tired muscles and enhance their sensuality.  Read More

30mins – AUD 250

45mins – AUD 350

60mins – AUD 400

Four Hands Massage

Visiting Massage/Home Massage

If you do not have time to go anywhere else to remove your stress and anxiety, then we can provide home visits for erotic massage services in Melbourne. We at Xclusive Massage are flexible to provide home massages in Melbourne as per the client’s need. However, it brings flexibility to you to get rid of stress and physical pains by taking home massage services from our trained therapists. Read More


Four Hands Massage

Outcall Massage

We will send the experts to your place after confirming the essential details, for example, your name, address, hotel name, room number, and contact details. You can call for the best outcall massage in Melbourne. You can also send an online request to book your outcall massage from our website. Read More

For a detailed price list or to inquire about ongoing promotions, just give us a ring!


Check out Exclusive Stunning Masseuses

All of our gorgeous masseuses are skilled in the seductive arts of Erotic and Tantric massage, and our masseuses understand what each client enjoys and will perform appropriately. So when in Melbourne and looking for adult massage or erotic massage, please contact us in advance, especially if you have a particular lady you would like to see. If you would like to get erotic massage in Melbourne, call us on +61 417 078 830


Outcall Massage

Mobile Outcalls in Melbourne CBD

We offer the best mobile massage services, since we have professional therapists that deliver an award winning service. Whether you are staying in a hotel suite or in your home, our expert professionals will bring the spa with them and make sure you get the best treatment in the most comfortable setting.

An amazing offer with our mobile massage service is that we offer massages, even late at night. The benefit of receiving a late night massage at your place of stay will relax your body and prepare you for the tough day ahead. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week and can service any place within one hour of Melbourne CBD Area.

Xclusive Massage ensures that we provides you comfort and relaxation in a familiar environment. Our massage therapists make sure that you get a five-star service and bring the required spa items with them. Our therapists can truly make do with the space they have and deliver amazing massages without ever needing a spa table or any fixed facility that you may not have in your home or a hotel room.

Home-Delivered Serenity: The Convenience of Outcall Massage

If you desire the luxury of unwinding without the hassle of travel, our outcall massage in Melbourne is your answer. Here’s why you’ll embrace this service:

1. Convenience: Bid farewell to traffic jams and weather-related troubles. We bring the massage experience to your doorstep.

2. Familiar Surroundings: The comfort of your own space can amplify the depth of relaxation.

3. Personal Touch: Play your favorite tunes, set the ambience with preferred scents, or wrap yourself in your coziest blanket for a tailor-made experience.

4. Extended Bliss: No need to rush into getting dressed and heading out. You can savor the after-massage tranquillity for as long as you desire.

5. Security: Our therapists are professionals who undergo background checks, providing an added layer of assurance.

6. Flexible Timing: Whether you seek a late-night session or an early-morning revitalization, outcall offers the flexibility to accommodate your schedule.

Lastly, From Us to You, A Heartfelt Note:

You know, life has its fair share of knots and kinks, both mentally and in our muscles. We might not have all the answers, but we do know a thing or two about working out those physical knots. So, if you ever feel the weight of the world on your shoulders (literally), give us a shout. Because at Xclusive, you’re not just a client, you’re family.

A Final Thought, Straight from Our Hearts:

Life can tie us up in mental and physical knots. While we may not have all the solutions, we do have expertise in unravelling those physical tensions. So, when the burdens feel heavy, remember that you can unwind with us at Xclusive Massage.

Check out Exclusive Stunning Masseuses

All of our gorgeous masseuses are skilled in the seductive arts of Erotic and Tantric massage, and our masseuses understand what each client enjoys and will perform appropriately. So when in Melbourne and looking for an adult massage or erotic massage, please contact us in advance, especially if you have a particular lady you would like to see. If you would like to get an erotic massage in Melbourne, call us on +61 417 078 830

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