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We at Xclusive Massage have genuine terms of services that are based on industry rules. We appeal to our valued clients to go through our terms and conditions before making an appointment or booking massage services in Melbourne or therapists to hire from us.

Requirements for Booking an Appointment

To make an appointment, we require the following information from the client:

Your Name and Telephone Number for booking massage service at our parlour.

For an outcall massage service to the hotel’s room, we require complete details such as Your Full Name, Hotel Name, Room Number, and Address with Postcode.

For booking a Private Residency or Home, we require a Full Name and Address with Postcode, Contact Numbers, and more.

Note: Please note we verify all personal details of our clients with confidentiality. For more details, you can check our “Privacy Policy”. 

Our Standard Terms-of-Services

To get our massage services, you must qualify or agree to the following terms of services:

1. Make sure, you have completed 18 years of age. If you found a suspect or below 18 years by our masseuses, you might be asked for age proof like a driving license, voter ID, or Passport for age verification. If you fail to prove age will lead to cancellation of booking for any services.

2. The request for booking massage services or hiring a therapist will be accepted if made by the receiver only. The booking can be made on behalf of a third party in case of any physical disability of the receiver or language problem.

3.For an outcall massage service in Melbourne, receive need to arrange all possible things required for a therapist at your place. The space is safe and should be on the floor. You need to make arrangements for a few things for the therapist such as a padded mat or cushion. Make sure, there is no other person is present in the private room to breach the session or observe, except the massage receiver and therapist.

4.To enjoy the outcall bath massage service, you need to allow masseuses to use your shower toilet and other bathroom facilities.

5. We reserve the right to entertain the client with intoxicated wine or alcohol or drug as per wish. Also, the therapist can dance and play music to make the mood romantic for a sensual massage in style.

6. You will have to arrange the complete fees or amount to pay within 10 minutes of the arrival of our therapist to your private residency or hotel room. Make a full payment in advance before starting massage at your residency or our parlour. Our therapist will not entertain the clients making half of the payment or after-service payment. Our prices are fixed for all outcall or in-call massage services in Melbourne and no discount will be offered. Our therapist will entertain clients with full payments only.

7. You are supposed to give respect to our therapist all the time. We are committed to providing professional and trained therapists to our clients. If you have any queries or doubts regarding our massage services, you may feel free to ask our therapist anytime.

8. We never allow clients to make a video or audio recording for massage service or our therapist’s video during massage sessions. It is completely out of our term-of-services and will not get entertained at any cost. If any client insists to do it, our therapist will cancel the appointment immediately. If the client makes the hidden video or audio of our therapists during the session, we reserve the right to claim the result and file legal action against him.

9. We do not entertain any soliciting act our client that goes against or terms-of-service.

10. We request you keep your body clean and hygienic before taking massage service. You should have shower before the session or as per instructions our therapist is ready for a good massage session. Also, you need to allow our therapist to become fresh and allow for complimentary ten minutes for the same. If you take time to shower during the session, you will lapse the booked time that will not compensate. If time stretches due to personal reasons, you have to pay for that.

We entertain the clients following all the above terms-of-services for all sorts of massage services offered by us.

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